R. Bolano – 2666

“For her, reading was directly linked to pleasure, not to knowledge or enigmas or constructions or verbal labyrinths…”

* V. van Gogh – Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass with a Book

Again, new meaning emerges out of this words/painting situation. A simple pleasure of reading. You can imagine it as some kind of feeling, warm or tickling or even exhilarating. Now try to find a proper visualisation. A perfect simplicity. Here it is, brough by van Gogh’s never forgotten touch. Just a table, just a book and a plain flower in a unfurnished glass. That’s the situation you might have on your mind.

An empty table would be too empty. It would put too much emhpesis on the book. Here, this problem is solved. We hava a setting, an object on the table that is not a book so that the feeling is just normal, modest. It’s not ‘crazy, wild, books, only books, books everywhere and let the world burn’ situation. Just keeping it casual, no extravaganza, no dictionaries, no bottle of whisky. Sunny day. It’s time to read and a room like many others. There’s nor panic neither obsession around. Casual. The direct link to pleasure because of no pressure being there whatsoever.

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