D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest

‘I read,’ I say. ‘I study and read. I bet I’ve read everything you’ve read. Don’t think I haven’t. I consume libraries. I wear out spines and ROM-drives. I do things like get in a taxi and say, “The library, and step on it.”

J. Yerka – Ink Valley


7 comments on “D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest

  1. Diana says:

    Like very much ♥

  2. […] D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest. […]

  3. I’ve never managed to make it through this book. No particular reason. It still sits on the shelf waiting for the right time. -L

  4. Lisa Hill says:

    Ah, now *this* makes me want to read Infinite Jest, more than anything else I’ve ever read about it….

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