19 comments on “L. Wittgenstein – Philosophical Investigations

  1. pdlyons says:

    …language is a virus from outer space – William S. Burroughs

  2. It’s the longest and the shortest way…

  3. thelawguysa says:

    Language gives expression to our mundane lives. The pinnacle of our very exsistence.

  4. jfmward says:

    “Our language can be seen as an ancient city: a maze of little streets and squares, of old and new houses, and of houses with additions from various periods; and this surrounded by a multitude of new boroughs with straight regular streets and uniform houses.” (Philosophical Investigations, 18) -my favourite image of language, I think, bringing out the way it develops: organically at first, then increasingly subject to formal regulation, but with the old and new bits existing alongside one another.

  5. vlt says:

    yes, if I didnt know he wrote that, I’d though about Jorge Borges. That’s way better than Quine saying our everyday language was born of sin and is to be saved by science and logic

  6. Diana says:

    Was just starting to learn a little about Mr. W. (In a bio of David Foster Wallace, that I didn’t get very far with….)
    Intetesting topics.
    Thanks for visiting 🙂

  7. This bio is my urging have-to-read problem, don’t remind me :>

  8. Was Wittgenstein the best of them all? Yes, probably.

  9. billyboobs1 says:

    Thanks for liking my post. Did consciousness create language or does language create consciousness?
    Writing through the pain, I shall, now, also follow your blog!

  10. Language helps us get through life but I don’t think people actually understand what anyone else is saying. Language, like art, is specific to the person using or viewing it.

  11. […] struggling.  I was looking at a blog which I feel is good called “Refined Quotes”  (https://quotily.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/l-wittgenstein-philosophical-investigations/) which provoked replies about language.  The more I read the more I felt that none could feel the […]

  12. ittymac says:

    Language at its best is a convergence of intelligence, curiosity, passion and critical thinking. At its worse, it’s politics. Thanks for visiting my post. I’d love to see you there again.

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