H. Marcuse – Eros and Civilisation

If absence from repression is the archetype of freedom, then

civilization is the struggle against this freedom.

Sure, it’s well put but I don’t agree even a bit. Marcuse had good intentions and in his times many serious problems where caused by the authority, I can give him tha.  But how about some more pesimisic world view? It’s not the civilisation that endangers us, it’s the people. Not even those greedy and unkind, those wrongdoers hidden out there. Most of the time I am disastrous for my own self. In that pure world daydreamed by 60’s left, with no repression, no pression, no struggle all I could do, is to sit down and wait for nothing, sleep with a blank mind. And it scares me especially as I know that  I’m my own worst enemy, the civilisation with all its vices is not as threatening as the poison within. Well, others even try to help ocasionally.

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