A. Levin – The Instructions

Bam said, ” Only if you promise to quit talking about girls in front of me because when you talk about girls, Maholtz, it makes me want to hide every girl in the world in a castle you can’t get to and I don’t have a castle much less one you can’t get to and even if I did have a castle you couldn’t get to, it wouldn’t be big enough for all those girls, so promise?’

It is said so much about male solidarity, and here  is a vivid exception. How serious Maholtz’s transgression had to be in order for Bam to abandon all those obvious rules and regulations? I mean it’s rightfully common to defend a woman in a certain situation, yet defending all possible girls in the most abstract way during a private, one on one converstaion, that is an overly different approach. Or is Bam trying too hard to become a fabolous knight? Looks like, between the lines, he just want to stay in the castle with all those poor ladies. The metaphore is top notch nevertheless.

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