D. F. Wallace – The Pale King

“In today’s world, boundaries are fixed, and most significant facts have been generated. Gentlemen, the heroic frontier now lies in the ordering and development of those facts. Classification , organization, presentation’

2 comments on “D. F. Wallace – The Pale King

  1. on certainty says:

    I read The Pale King a couple of months ago and thought it was absolutely amazing. I wish it had won the Pulitzer; but can you really say it deserved the prize when it wasn’t finished?

  2. vlt says:

    I’d say it doesn’t chage so much for Wallace, as Infinite Jest had that kind of unfinished-plot feeling as well. Anyway I’m not done with the book yet, although it perfectly maches my state of mind since I’m studying for the law exams atm. I feel like an IRS hero thanks to that ^^

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