D. F. Wallace – The Pale King

‘ Knowing that internal stress could cause failure on the exam merely set up internal stress about the prospect of internal stress. There mus be some other way to deal with knowladge of the disastrous consequences fear and stress could bring about. Some answer or trick of the will: the ability not to think about. ‘

Here is a little problem about being human. You will need a very persuasive deception in order to avoid unwanted thoughts. Think religion, think ideology, think any other lucid explenations of the world order. Pure knowladge is not only not enough, it even a painful itch that you cannot get rid of. As there are times and places you want to do that. Obviously the problem is that no ona can truly belive a magic trick if he at the same time knows it is just a trick after all. We often miss being children, so easly decived, so happy from an adult point of view.

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