D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest

‘The point is that what launches vessels of war is the state and community and its interests,’ Marathe said without heat, tiredly. ‘You only wish to enjoy to pretend for yourself that the love of one woman could do this, launch so many vessels of alliance.’

I like to think about the debate between Marathe and Steeply as philospohical backbone of Infinte Jest, the jugular vain through which the central message flows. Those fragments alone are making it worth your while to read the thick, over-1000 pages long book. Here is part when they touched on the Homer’s masterpiece. When Helen was taken to Troy the whole Greece stood up for the bloody mission of revange. Yet can we trust novel? Writers have always been too romantic, blowing love out of proportions on any chance they got. Marathe is disilussioned and tired of explaining. What is love when there is bussiness to take care of? But a pretext. Another question is do we realy need to decontruct Illiad and lose such a  story of beauty that left thousands of thousands of casualties? It would be stupid now, however as an ancient ballad it can pass somehow (case of Borges and Don Quixote?)

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