R. Barthes – Authors and Writers #1

The author is a man who radically absorbs the world’s why in a how to write.’

Just love it. Barthes has his way with words. Anything you say about writing, you can’t be more right than he is at this point. Great writing is simply a special combination of two questions. One concerns the contemporary problems of the world; who is bad, who is good, how does it work, what to do, how to live, what the hell is going on around? This is the easy part. Now second part of the problem is how to put the problem into words. The question of style, the question of creativity, the question of aesthetics. At least one question gets answered. How to recognize a great author. It’s this guy/gal, who can mix the two things most successfully. Now take your pens, and off you go.  Keep the balance though.

2 comments on “R. Barthes – Authors and Writers #1

  1. Being a writer, I have learnt that having a peculiar undaunted voice is one of the only few ways you can attain prominence. I learnt a couple of things from your piece here and I have to say. The ‘how’ of writing basically comes from education and I agree with a lecture the Nigerian wordsmith Chimamanda Adichie notably said, ‘there is a paradise that comes from a story’, though that was paraphrased I feel that writing embodies so much of questions and few times, we are given the opportunity to actually answer them duly.

  2. vlt says:

    Thanks for your voice.
    That’s a great quote as well, every told/writen story is a little bit of pleasure, yet that’s only the beginning. There are so many levels of construction it takes enormous effort to create something outstanding. Countless details, tiny adjustments. And everyone has a duty to try.
    Best luck in writing

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