J. M. Coetzee – Slow Man

‘I talk nonesense? You make photograph, or this man, how ddo you say, Fauchery, make photograph, than you make prints, one two three four five, and this prints all original, ten times original, hundred times original, no copies? What is nonesens now? ‘

This is how words change their meanings over time. Once it was obvious what an original is. But it isn’t so now. You point a camera (phone) and you have a new picture. Or is it just a copy of the world. And if you photograph a realistic painting is it a copy of a copy? No, the message we gat is to forget that way of talking. Copy is not a term anymore.

We have images, all are equal. It is just a past-time to look for the first one, the unchanged one, the magical item. Keep it in mind it’s not really closer to reality, it’s just older chronologically. Obsessive constructing of the truth is not the truth.

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