I. Bachmann – Malina

‘Should the book every appear(..) people will writhe with laughter after just one page, they will leap for joy, they will be comforted, they will read on, biting their fists to suppress their cries of joy, it can’t be helped, and when they sit down by the windows and read still further they’ll begin to throw confetti to the pedestrians on the street…

Bachmann is such a nice person. She dreams of bringing pure bliss to the readers. Her comedy skill is already up to par. And even if ‘Malina’ wasn’t precisely the described novel it comes close enough to a perfect pleasure reading. You sit, you read her fluent prose and you smile. You go out and you’re nice to people. And although I only throw confetti at poor guys walking by when enjoying Wallace or Pynchon, Bachmann definitely earned a few screams of joy.

PS: It’s some idea for a book grading scale. It only needs some negative reactions, I image Coelho makes you kick a cat or something equally inhuman.

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