D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest #1

“… 99,9% of what goes on in one’s life is actually none of one’s business, with the 0,1% uder one’s control consisting mostly of the option to accept or deny one’s inevitable powerlessness over the other 99,9%… ” 

Hello. Why not start with something sad, depressing, gloomy and dreary for once? Not everyday we feel joy, not everyday we walk forward with hope. Infinite Jest in it’s great complexity is circuling around the theme of finding just a little sunshine in the darkest places. With all it’s irony and wit, the book is strongly rooted in author’s depression. The laughter is neither natural, nor it conveys any sparks of cheer. Alcoholics, former drug addicts, decomposed faces, suicide, opression.

The key moment when Hal, brilliant teenage  tennis player  realises that his habit of smoking pot won’t let him go, never ever. That he can only move up to stronger substacnes. That he lost his freedom without knowing, without having any idea what’s going on. Just a simple pleasure mercylessly deprived him of bright future. Even if it wasn’t so, that was what his mind pictured. He  expirienced one of the worst traumas known to man. Whole world disapearing in front of his eyes. No way, no chance, no possibility to bring it back. No fresh start anymore.

IJ is a book about people for whom it is too late. And of course, they have to deal with it. Live with the notion of a lost chance. How cruel can it be? How unfair, unforgiving. A jest it is. What are we to do but laugh than? Laughter is acceptence of one’s fate. The 0,1% of control we are able to acquire.

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